A Galentine Crafternoon

Last weekend, some darling ladies came over to enjoy a little brunch munching and Valentine creating.

Galentine's Day Table

teacup flowersSince we were crafting special Valentines, and it’s my favorite holiday {have I mentioned that before?}, I went with an all pink and hearts themed table. Have you heard of Galentine’s Day {a day to celebrate with your favorite ladies the day before Valentine’s Day}? If you’re celebrating this year, this would be the perfect way to decorate, and below I have a no-fuss menu to inspire you.

Galentine Placesetting

Galentine's Day Place CardThe menu was somewhat limited because between the guests and the hostess, gluten, dairy, meat and alcohol (expectant mothers in the house) were out. I really wanted to try these {Lemon + Blueberry vegan and gluten free waffles}, but I would have been breaking my #1 entertaining rule: Never try a recipe for the first time with guests. (And my second rule: Keep it simple!)


To Eat:

Almond Vanilla Granola (*Gluten Free if you use GF oats) – with blueberries, strawberries and bananas (although I forgot to set out the bananas!). We also ate a beautiful fruit salad and chewy breakfast cookies.

To Drink:

Lola Savannah Almond Joy Decaf Coffee

Whole Foods Sparkling Mineral Water {flavored with orange, lemon + grapefruit}, and purely for looks, I froze a low-sugar cranberry juice in this adorable heart ice tray. The drink was delicious when the cranberry cubes melted! Pink heart paper straws topped off the pink-hued drink.

A Galentine's Day Brunch TableFor the crafting part of our afternoon, we sewed mini fabric hearts to fill our glass jars with the labels “Remember, I Love You” attached. To see the inspiration for our Valentine idea, go {here}. The point is to leave the hearts in random places, and they serve as a surprise reminder about how much you love your special someone. The gift tags were made by Danielle {find more of her lovely paper goods in her etsy shop!}.

remember, i love you

remember, i love you remember, i love youSuch a fun afternoon! If you have any questions email me at kikimac{dot}me{at}gmail{dot}com.



{all images original to KiKiMac}


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