A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine Breakfast Valentine Eggs Valentine TableI arrived home from New Orleans late last night, and when I woke this morning, I almost forgot it was my favorite holiday! That is, until my sweet valentine reminded me. I had about five minutes while E was in the shower to whip up a Valentine’s Day breakfast and set the table. A heart egg + a rhino egg.

Otter Illustration ValentinesWhile I was away, I left E a love note to open for each day I was gone. They were all adorable cards, but I was most excited about giving E his rhino Valentine’s Day card! I bought the Otter Illustration Valentine’s Day cards here. They don’t actually say “Happy Valentine’s Day” so I plan on giving them to E throughout the year.

Hope your day was full of love!



{top images original to KiKiMac. bottom image via Otter Illustration | Matthew Gordon Sallack.}


3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

    • yes – i had two cookie cutters: the heart, and my favorite animal, the rhino! his horn got stuck! i had this intricate idea with the toast, and a pretty table, and i completely forgot! oh well…there’s always next year.

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