Café Au Lait Birthday Massage

I had a little spare time while in New Orleans for work, so I made sure to book a birthday massage at The Ritz-Carlton. It.was.amazing.

Everything about the hotel is beyond gorgeous. I couldn’t get over the chandeliers in the M Bistro while enjoying a quick lunch before my spa treatment. The service was impeccable, and they offer a lengthy gluten-free menu in the bistro (they also offer food in the spa).

Ritz spaGetting a treatment at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, New Orleans isn’t just something to do while in New Orleans, it’s a reason to take a trip to New Orleans.

What makes this spa so incredible? Well for starters, the people that work at the spa. Trust me when I say you’ll be well taken care of here.

I was also excited that use of the fitness center was included with a spa treatment. It’s easy to consume a few extra calories in New Orleans, so I felt a little less guilty about my indulgences after working out. Above the fitness center, there’s a jacuzzi and cool pool for guests to use.

In the women’s lounge,  there’s a steam room + sauna, the softest towels, and everything you could possibly need to feel spoiled for the day. The showers have large containers that are filled with the most divine-smelling shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream. There’s also a sugar bar set up so you can add different types of sugar to your shower gel for a little exfoliation.

After taking part in all of that loveliness, I made my way to the relaxation room where I found flavored water, a pecan mix, fruit, and the latest issues of all the best magazines. I booked the Café Au Lait Massage since I’m all about trying treatments unique to a specific destination. The massage was perfect, and the oils combined gave off the most intoxicating aroma. The Marie Laveau Voodoo Love Massage and Bath sounds like a dream treatment as well.

What’s your favorite way to treat yourself for your birthday?



{all images original to KiKiMac – taken with my iPhone, so please pardon the fuzziness.}


8 thoughts on “Café Au Lait Birthday Massage

  1. So, I’m petitioning that if for some terribly awful reasoning we can’t rendez-vous in Paris (at least for now), then NOLA is our destination in the states. I’m gonna need your signature and then the boys can’t refuse.

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