ROOT | Dinner in NOLA


Root Restaurant Root tableRoot CoasterRoot boothAn apple and butternut squash salad to start

Root SaladMy main course was the Sous-vide Lemonfish Veronique {toasted almond purée, verjus pickled grapes, celery ribbons, grape yeast foam, braised fennel – GF}

Root FishDessert was my favorite (as usual): Flourless Chocolate Cake {salted cashew pomace, white chocolate sorbet, “bubble wrap” chocolate crunch – GF}

Flourless ChocolateNo words can do this restaurant justice (and my terrible iPhone photos don’t help!). The fabulous experience is rooted in the interior design. It’s apparent from the moment you step in the door that every detail was well thought out, but the attention to detail doesn’t end with the beauty of the space.

If you’re like me, then you don’t know what half of those words mean in the menu descriptions. The servers are there to explain everything in detail and then help you make a very tough decision because everything sounds so darn good. All of the dishes were unique and flavorful. Meant to combine a little bit of everything in one bite so the flavors burst in your mouth.

But that dessert. Oh my. It was a plate full sweet, salty, refreshing, soft, cold and crunchy. It was so pretty, I wasn’t really sure how to begin, but once I did, my plate was quickly empty. Much to my surprise, a tray with a praline and chocolate came out after. Not wanting to pass on that goodness, I had it packed to go.

Truly a memorable dining experience. And again, great if you eat gluten free or vegetarian. If you’re a foodie + want to see even better photos and read mouthwatering food descriptions, follow ROOT on instagram: @RootNola.



ROOT | 200 Julia Street | New Orleans

{all images original to KiKiMac – taken with my iPhone, so please pardon the fuzziness}


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