My Birthday Celebration

Just shy of a month past my birthday, I’ve got the celebration recap for y’all.

birthday breakfastE and I went to a workout class at our gym bright and early. Then we came home, and he made the most delicious breakfast for me! For Valentine’s Day, E gave me a tripod, and for my birthday, he gave me the fotostrap camera strap that I’ve been eyeing. And my favorite gift of all, he suggested we take Mia out to Waterwall Park and test everything out. Proof that he reads the blog!

family e and mia mia williams and miaShe was a happy girl! We were a little nervous about parking, but the garage behind the Williams Tower was open for visitors. A quick walk across the street, and we were in business. The day could not have been any more gorgeous, and it was the best thing ever to lie on a blanket in the sun with my fam.

I have no excuse as to why I’ve been so absent from KiKiMac the past couple of weeks, except that I just needed a break. I’ve been tired, over.whelmed., and uninspired. And as I continued to feel like my time was better spent doing other things besides writing, day after day, I finally realized it’s okay to take a break. When I was searching for something to give up and something to take on during Lent, it came to me: I’m giving up things that take away precious time with my husband, and I’m taking on things that make me a better wife. He is not a proponent of me giving up blogging, but I have realized that my focus needs to be elsewhere right now. Hopefully I’ll be back on Sundays because that’s allowed!

*And E and I were featured on Date Night Is… Check out our article and let me know how you like it!*



{all images original to KiKiMac}



4 thoughts on “My Birthday Celebration

  1. I want a fotostrap!!! It was on my birthday list too! Perhaps I’ll save it for Christmas 😉 The pictures look great. I love your shift in priorities. I’m pretty sure when baby comes and Sasha isn’t studying for class every evening, I’ll make the same decision. Love the Date Night feature btw!!

  2. i love this and good for you. take the time you need to just be you and come back and check in when it feels right. your blog will be all the better for it! xo

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