Houston, TX

Liberty Kitchen + Oysterette | Brunch

Liberty KitchenNot too long ago, I met one of my favorite ladies for Sunday brunch at Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette. People had been raving over it for months, and I was so excited to try it. The decor is absolutely irresistible. It made my heart pitter patter every which way I turned. life life2 pillowsgreencoffeegorillaMy brunch buddy had the Early Gorilla on English Muffin {chopped burger, fried egg, grilled jalapeno-onion, bacon, chile con queso, avocado, lettuce}.lobsterI had the Shirred Eggs {with lobster, bacon, onion & cream}. Mine came out horribly overdone the first time around. As the manager was making his rounds, he quickly noticed, swiped it up, and placed an order for a new one. The second one was better, but again, the manager noticed it wasn’t quite cooked perfectly, and we were offered a complimentary dessert, and the eggs were taken off the bill. From the way things were handled, and from all of the good things I’ve heard about Liberty Kitchen, I have a feeling it was just an off day in the kitchen. Overall, excellent service + atmosphere {and company!}, and I definitely want to go back.

Where’s your favorite new place for Sunday brunch?



{all images original to KiKiMac}


5 thoughts on “Liberty Kitchen + Oysterette | Brunch

  1. GREAT pictures!!!! Love them. Sasha went to Liberty Kitchen the weekend I was in SF and loved it. The menu definitely isn’t targeting vegetarians who don’t eat eggs though. I still want to go to experience that decor.

  2. this is so wonderfully texas. I haven’t seen food like that in ages…can I just eat vicariously through you. the gorilla is appropriately named. plus, these photos are great, Christie!! the lipstick on the mug and those greens are my fave.

    • haha! thanks annie! i’m trying. someone was just talking to me about all the fabulous chocolate shops in brussels. and i said, “oh i know!” we have one chocolate left.

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