Weekend in Boston | Day Two

Saturday morning, we walked through the oldest park in the country, Boston Common, to Thinking Cup Coffee Shop for breakfast. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. BC

BC tree

thinking cup menuThe line was almost out the door, filled with quick-talking, decisive regulars. We were up to order in no time, and I still hadn’t completely made up my mind. E ordered the breakfast sandwich with bacon and a black coffee, and I ordered the gluten free breakfast sandwich with sausage and a hazelnut almond milk latte {how rare it is to find a coffee shop that serves almond milk}. They had some plump gluten free chocolate chip cookies displayed, but I felt it was a bit too early.

latte pourthinking cup breakfast

This coffee shop was bu-sy. And I’ll always remember it as the place where an old man snatched the table I was patiently + politely waiting for, and then was quite rude when I spoke up. He won. And I was quickly reminded that I wasn’t in the land of Southern gentlemen {I much prefer it down here}.

Back to the breakfast…the latte was good and tasted like it had bits of hazelnuts in it. The gluten-free sandwich came out not gluten free at first, so I’m glad I took it back and asked. Could have been a problem for someone more trusting than myself. The next time around, it came out buttered, toasted, and delicious! E’s entire breakfast was gone way before mine came, so I assume it passed the test.

BC homes

We passed back through the park, deciding we’d stroll on over to Cambridge. About a mile in, we were informed we still had a few miles to go. We ditched that plan immediately, and happened to be right next to the cutest little street: Charles Street.

Shopping in Beacon Hill was by far my favorite part of our Boston trip.

E patiently waited while I popped in Good, Holiday, and Black Ink, just to name a few {full posts on my favorites coming soon}. Soon it was time to meet Alaina at Bella Vita for coffee, or in my case, the Best Hot Chocolate in Boston. Our quick catch up {and getting to meet her precious baby boy} was another favorite part of our trip!

Then I hopped in a car to Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons, followed by cocktails at The Gallows, and dinner at Stella. Stay tuned!



{all images original to KiKiMac}


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Boston | Day Two

  1. oh man – i love that picture of julian! it was so lovely to get to see you – and that day truly did have perfect weather. beacon hill is so fabulous.

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