Afternoon Tea in Boston

While in Boston for the weekend, one of the things I was most excited about was experiencing Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons with my friend B. Boston’s kinda famous for tea, right?


I mean, seriously. A+ for cream and sugar presentation. I couldn’t get over how cute those baby jars of honey were. And the rock candy. With so many Afternoon Tea establishments including packets of aspartame and the pink stuff (sick.) on the table, I was highly impressed with this set up: and it only got better.

toppingsDevonshire cream, lemon curd, and house-made strawberry jam. Um yum.

traditionalFirst up: the traditional Afternoon Tea {because we all know that looks better than the gluten-free one!}.

gluten free

And here’s the gluten free Afternoon Tea. The scone and the mozzarella, pesto + tomato sandwiches were delicious. I wasn’t particularly hungry, so that’s really all I tried. If there had been some sort of baked sweet treat, I probably could have found room, but I definitely didn’t need it.

KirRoyalWe both ordered the Royal Tea, which included a glass of Kir Royal.

 Great company, crisp bubbles, hot tea, delectable treats, and a view of Boston Common: a royally sweet afternoon.


Afternoon Tea Boston

I just wish we had gotten a photo of the two of us! Where’s your favorite place to have Afternoon Tea in Boston?



{all images original to KiKiMac}



3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea in Boston

  1. Thanks for not mentioning me running into the window trying to show you where my office was 🙂 That was the most graceful part of the Tea 🙂 Im such a lady.
    The food was delish…wish I could go to tea every Saturday!

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