Dinner in Boston | Stella

Saturday night, we met some friends at The Gallows for some pre-dinner drinks before walking down the street to Stella for dinner.

GallowsIf you are lucky enough to snag a window seat at The Gallows, you’ll also get a stunning view of the cathedral {where we went to Palm Sunday mass the next morning}.

cathedral nightStellaStella was hip. With an all-white interior, loud music, and room after room of crowded tables, it was an interesting place, to say the least. Everyone we talked with in Boston had great things to say about Stella, so we were pretty excited. And they had just added a gluten-free menu, so I couldn’t wait to try it.

ArtichokesThe rest of the table shared the crispy fried artichoke hearts, and they smelled divine.

sausage pastaE had the orecchiette / chile flakes / sausage / cured tomato.

seafoodOur dinner companions both had the seafood Risotto / shrimp / calamari / mussels / swordfish / saffron tomato brodo…which looked so.good.

And I, unable to get a clear photo, had the Stella homemade gluten-free gnocchi / tomato / basil / reggiano. I hadn’t had gnocchi in forever, and I love anything with a tomato + basil combo, so my plate was quickly cleaned.

After dinner, our local friends guided us to a cool little neighborhood spot, The Franklin Cafe, for after-dinner drinks {The Franklin also has a tasty-looking gluten-free menu}. Fun night!

Day three is coming up, and it includes the most delicious lemon coconut muffin, a chic brunch spot, more shopping, and a low-key date night in the North End.



{all images original to KiKiMac}




3 thoughts on “Dinner in Boston | Stella

  1. This is crazy! I was the terrible friend who never got around to sending you recommendations, and y’all literally ate at all of the same places as me and Sasha. We loved Stella! Your meals looked absolutely amazing.

  2. oh i didn’t know you went to franklin cafe, too – that’s another favorite of ours, though we usually go to the southie location instead of the south end.

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