Memorial Day Weekend | Style

Happy Friday! I am SO excited about this weekend. Not because we are traveling somewhere for the holiday, but because we are staying home and relaxing. Our only plans are to hit up the neighborhood pool + go on a dinner date. Below are some fun pieces perfect for a low-key holiday weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Wish List // KiKIMac.me1. Mara Hoffman ‘Cosmic Fountain’ Swim Suit // 2. Anthropologie Layered Mixto Strands Necklace // 3. Eco Cover-Up // 4. Jack Rogers ‘Georgica’ Jelly Sandal // 5. Havana Carryall // 6. Anthropologie Mai Eyelet Shift // 7. Anthropologie Guerrero Clutch

What do you have going on this weekend?



{all images via linked sources. layout + design original to KiKiMac.} 



3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend | Style

    • thanks ailee! i know, i’ve been wanting those jelly sandals for awhile now! i don’t find the leather ones very comfortable. but jellys…those have to be comfortable!

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