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I realized something the other day. I don’t remember my dad. Fourteen years is a long time to be without someone you love, but I never thought I would forget my dad. Sure, I remember what he liked. I remember he was silly, and he loved my sister and I so much. But I’ve forgotten what his hugs felt like, what his voice sounded like, and what we talked about.

After he passed away, my aunt told me to get a journal and write to him. Whatever I wanted to say, whatever I was feeling. It was such a great idea, yet I only wrote a few pages. That’s all I have to remember him by: three pages of raw emotion. Nobody tells you that when you lose a parent. They tell you it will get easier, that your heart will heal. But do you have to forget to heal?

Even though I can’t actually give my dad these gifts, thinking about him and not ignoring the holiday have brought him back just a little closer. Because as too many of us know, Heaven is so far away.

Father's Day Gift Guide// KiKiMac.me

1.  Vintage Edition Monopoly | Every time I walk into Restoration Hardware, I remember shopping there with you. I also remember games and games of Monopoly on the weekends.

2. Smathers & Branson Ducks Key Fob | You were the definition of an outdoorsman. Smathers & Branson creates such classic pieces. I remember all of your Father’s Day gifts related to ducks in some way, so I had to include something with ducks.

3. Archipelago Botanicals Bergamot Tobacco Candle | Oh how I hated when you smoked cigars! I realized when you were gone that I’d linger just a little bit longer around someone smoking a cigar. The scent brought you back to me. This candle is the perfect scent to remind me of you.

4. Beef Grilling Salt | Your cooking was the best. The roasts, the biscuits, the fried chicken. I wish I could taste it all again.

5. Great Sound Plaid Whale Shirt | Vineyard Vines embodies ‘the good life’ just like you did. Although the brand didn’t become popular until after you were gone, I know you would have loved it. It’s your style. I’m still searching for the perfect place to hang my quilt made from all of your bright-patterned shirts.

6. Titleist Mesh Cap | Never without a hat on your head. You would have appreciated this new breathable material.

7. Smathers & Branson Labrador Retriever Belt | For fleeting moments we wondered if your labs were more loved than your children. You really did raise the best dogs.

8. Jack Black ‘Core Collection’ Set | For a manly man, you sure had loads of bath products. Never one to be embarrassed for wanting to use our St. Ives Apricot Scrub, you would have loved these special products made by Jack Black.


How do you remember those you have lost?




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