Houston, TX

Day Date: Amy’s Ice Creams

amys front

menuI recently talked E into a little day date over at Amy’s Ice Creams. It’s incredibly out of the way from where we live, but it’s so worth it. And there’s really nothing I want more than some cold ice cream on a hot summer day.

smashinsAmy’s is my favorite place to go for ice cream because the flavors are so delicious, it makes for excellent people watching, and they post the nutritional information right on their website. The dairy is sourced from farms that are hormone and antibiotic free, and the ice creams are free of artificial flavorings, syrups, and colorings {ahem, unlike Blue Bell}. Just real, flavorful ingredients, served by a friendly face.


ice creamThe milkshakes are pretty unbelievable, but it’s always way too much for me {this doesn’t stop me from finishing them in record time}. On this particular visit, I went for one scoop of Mexican Vanilla and one scoop of Dark Chocolate – both gluten free. E had a special mix of Sweet Cream, chocolate chunks, and hot fudge. So good.

Amy’s Ice Creams | 3816 Farnham Street | Houston, TX | 77098

Austin // San Antonio

Where’s your favorite place for a summer day date?




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