Baby Shower Gift Picks

I literally have a stack of baby shower invitations sitting on my kitchen counter, with more arriving daily. Choosing a baby gift proves to be a challenge for me because A) I know nothing about being a mother, B) every mother + baby is different, and C) it’s all so dang adorable, how does one choose? Top all that off with the parents wanting to remain surprised about the gender of the baby (for the record, I love this!), and I end up spending entirely too long trying to choose a baby gift.

Why not just choose something from the registry? Not my style. Some people like to gift necessities, I like to gift a little luxury that the recipient probably wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Also, it’s one of my life goals to never step foot in a Babies “R” Us, and I’ve once fallen for the nightmare that is Pottery Barn Kids on a Saturday, but not again. 

My choices were {happily} narrowed down when I found Restoration Hardware baby & child. They carry beautiful, quality baby gifts that are unique and special. You can get free shipping on many of the gift items, and they frequently have sales. 
KiKiMac baby shower picks


1. elephant jersey newborn gift set {not for an auburn fan…made that mistake!}

2. awning stripe canvas teepee tent {just in case you want to be the coolest aunt ever! FYI- I’m not.}

3. cable knit stroller blanket {gorgeous, and easily personalized for $7.}

4. nursery canvas storage – grey elephant {i’ve been told you need lots of baskets when you have a baby. these are way cuter than ones from Marshall’s. they also come in THE cutest pink bunny pattern.}

5. chambray elephant {this pretty lil’ girl just made her way to Miss Isla’s nursery. The eyelashes make this stuffed animal!}

6. ruffled velour 3-piece infant set {baby girls + ruffles. ooh ooh ooh! this one is on sale, and that blanket is begging for a monogram in a fun pink, no?}


What are your go-to baby shower gifts? 



PS- Restoration Hardware baby & child is also a nightmare on Saturday, so safe yourself the trouble and shop online! 


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gift Picks

  1. Darn, girl! I love your baby shower gift ideas. I would never have thought of Restoration Hardware baby and child, but I’ll be using them in the future. Thanks for the idea and pictures. I really enjoy reading your posts. Bless you.

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