Christie lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and charismatic boxer, Mia. She graduated cum laude with a business degree in marketing from Texas State University. Christie enjoys entertaining, unique spa experiences, gluten free Afternoon Tea, and weekend getaways with her handsome husband, E. Questions or comments? Email KiKiMac {dot} me {at} gmail {dot} com.

{All images are original to KiKiMac unless otherwise noted. And that fab image above is via paper antler.}


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Without running through your entire blog . . . where are you located? Just curious. I found your blog via the work “heights”, which is part of the name of the neighborhood where I live. New in town . . . wondering if I should follow your cool blog in an effort to get to know my city, but can’t figure out where you are!

  2. Hey Girl! I have a quick tech question for you. I happened upon the social media icons you are using and could not get the code to work! I saw your comments and it finally worked, so thank you! But now I have a size problem 😦 I clicked over to your blog and saw how pretty yours look, small and in a row. Mine are HUGE! Do you mind sharing your code so I can finally move on from this! Thank you so much!

    • Hey Kendall! I had trouble with the size too, so this explanation will probably be confusing. The original size is 50 pixels. When I was having so much trouble getting them to show up, I changed some to 35. When they all showed up, I changed them all back to 50, but they stayed small. So maybe try changing all the pixels? Keep playing with it is all I can say. It took me eight hours and 500 tries, but eventually I got it! And I did a happy dance!

      • Haha! I am doing the same thing! I’ve tried changing them but nothing is happening 😦 I didn’t know if this was another ‘quotation’ issue; but I will keep playing around with it! Thanks so much!! Appreciate you!

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